INFINITEA Dak Bungalow - A Symphony of Heritage and Harmony in Palampur

INFINITEA Dakbunglow, Palampur - An 8-key ultra-luxurious heritage property built in the year 1860, spread across 36,700 sq. ft. (3410 sq. m.) at Palampur, surrounded by lush green tea estates. Dak Bungalows, from time immemorial, have been evoking nostalgia for travellers as they feel transported to the British period during their stay here. They have a certain mystique and charm about them. This Dak Bungalow was constructed in 1860 by the British and has been in existence since then. This Dak Bungalow has seen many wars, many festivals, and many laughs, providing shelter to numerous British Officers on their long journeys.

We welcome you to this Dak Bungalow, inviting you to experience the nostalgic feel of the erstwhile British Era while enjoying modern amenities. Every corner of this Dak Bungalow has been designed to offer you a glimpse into its history. From historical records of this building on the walls to pictures of British Officials, shall take you down memory lane. We have a specially curated menu from the British Era for you to relish during your stay here and reminisce.


Slumber in the Lap of Himalayan Splendour


At our hotel in Palampur, your rest is revered. Our suites are sanctuaries of serenity, offering 650 sq. ft. of luxurious space where heritage elegance meets contemporary comfort. Drift off to sleep to the subtle symphony of nature and awaken to breathtaking views that promise to start your day in the most picturesque way. Here, every stay is an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary.


Culinary Journeys at The NUTMEGG


Savour the essence of Palampur at The NUTMEGG, our signature dining destination. Indulge in an array of multi-cuisine delights, each dish a masterpiece crafted with locally sourced ingredients and a touch of culinary magic. Here, every meal transcends the ordinary, offering a dining experience that's as visually stunning as it is deliciously satisfying.



A Treasure Trove of Adventures


Immerse yourself in the myriad experiences Palampur offers. From tranquil tea garden walks to exhilarating mountain trekking, and from exploring rich cultural heritage sites to experiencing local artisanal crafts, Palampur is a mosaic of unforgettable adventures. Every moment here is a new story waiting to be discovered.

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Tea Garden

Palampur Tea Gardens


Dorzong Buddhist Monastic institute

Neugal Khad

Neugal, Khad


Saurabh Van Vihar


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Gorgeous Place

Beautiful rooms and dining areas all meticulously decorated. Wonderful staff who is at your service at any given time. Delicious food that one can't get enough of. And scenic views and beautiful balconies.
- Dr. Archna

Can’t wait to come back!

When I booked the place, I was a bit nervous about my choice as I wasn’t sure how efficient the service would be in a villa kind of set-up. I was delighted from the time I saw this boutique property and what made our stay truly memorable was the amazing staff! We were greeted with this cute pahadi cap and then we were escorted to our rooms which are massive and spacious! The whole property has vintage vibes and I loved the Victorian wooden decor.

Best place to stay in Palampur

We visited Infinitea Dak Bungalow Palampur on Oct 23 in a family group of 10 people... a Very nice property. Friendly staff..Food was delicious. Will surely visit again.
Rooms are very spacious with large washrooms..Very elegantly furnished and classy reception area. Beautiful views of Tea Gardens from rooms.
- Sanjiv M

It is a GEM of a property

The newly built Dak Bungalow is truly a gem, particularly for those who are fond of luxury. It is placed in a Tea Garden yet it is still in the middle of the city. The rooms represent ultra-luxury. There is a nice Jacuzzi in all the rooms. The service is top notch with staff from top to bottom level going all out in making your stay comfortable. It is a great place to stay in Palampur.
- SanjaySharma_69

Peaceful and fulfilling stay

Dakbunglow is an excellent property to stay in Palampur. Rooms are spacious and fully equipped with a touch of antique finish. Food is simply outstanding, no areas of complaint found in it. The staff is courteous and always willing to help, we needed changes in the extra bed to make it suitable for a back sprain and the staff tried our several combinations smilingly.
- Navneet V

Unforgettable Stay

Very pleasant stay. It was all great..from check-in to rooms were all great. Having breakfast poolside and with a tea garden all around gives you an awesome feeling…Thanks to the complete staff over there.
- Pankaj Goyal

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