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ZENǬ Hotels and Resorts is a collection of bespoke luxury & full-service upscale hotels concealed in vacation, leisure and metropolitan destinations across India. Each of our hotels is chosen precisely and diligently designed to take you to a world where the holidays are simple & filled with curated and unforgettable experiences, where holidays are slow, free of complications, and sun-kissed. Where the romance, charm, and simplicity of holidays meet contemporary needs, both in design and impeccable service. But we’re more. Neighbourhoods and local communities are the souls of our hotels.

ZENǬ Hotels and Resorts is led by a group of carefully handpicked hospitality talent that has experience in the best hospitality names in India and the world. It means that you’re looked after by the best, from check-in to check-out. All that’s left for you to do, is to try it be yourself, and leave everything to our highly motivated and happy team.

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Growing Footprints

The Principal brand is focused on tranquillity, balance, uniqueness and modernity. This brand is associated with a state of calm, tranquillity and mindfulness. It suggests a focus on providing a peaceful and soothing environment for guests.

With a brand promise of “Happiness Unforgettable,” the team is dedicated and determined to provide unforgettable experiences to our discerning guests and lead to their Happiness.

A Symphony of Culinary Excellence

A Symphony of Culinary Excellence

Indulgence in culinary delights at ZENǬ Hotels & Resorts transcends the mundane; it is a symphony of epicurean artistry. Within our dining sanctuaries, culinary alchemists meticulously craft dishes that are nothing short of gastronomic poetry, enthralling the senses and elevating palates to new heights. From regional treasures that pay homage to local flavours to international creations that offer a passport to global cuisine, our gastronomic offerings are a harmonious fusion of creativity and precision. 

Crafting Unforgettable Moments

At ZENǬ Hotels & Resorts, we meticulously curate a tapestry of experiences that transcend the ordinary. Within our luxurious enclave, immerse yourself in a realm of opulent adventure, cultural enrichment and profound relaxation, all meticulously designed to forge indelible memories. Whether you aspire to rekindle a profound connection with nature or explore the vibrant pulse of urban existence, our diverse array of experiences cater to the most discerning of travellers. With ZENǬ, your sojourn transcends mere accommodation; it becomes a symphony of exploration, connection and enduring recollections.

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Our Hotels & Resorts

Upcoming Properties

ZENq Premier Palampur

ZENQ Premiere Palampur

ZENq Teerth Bagalamukhi

ZENQ Teerth Baglamukhi

ZENq Select Gopalpur

ZENQ Select Gopalpur

ZENq Resort and Spa, Mukteshwar

ZENQ Resort and Spa, Mukteshwar


INFINITEA Hotels & Resorts won the prestigious India Travel Awards North 2023 in the category of “Most Promising Hotel Chain in India” and has been mentioned in Silicon India Magazine as among the “10 Most Promising Hotel Chains in India”.

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