Dine at the Best Restaurants in Dharamshala



NUTMEGG: Your Cosy Culinary Retreat


Nestled in the serene ambience of INFINITEA Centric, Dharamshala, NUTMEGG offers a delightful multi-cuisine experience that caters to your taste buds around the clock. Open 24x7, this charming restaurant weaves the comfort of a coffee shop with the elegance of fine dining. Here, you can savour a wide array of dishes accompanied by a selection of fine alcohol, all within the comfort of its cosy interior or the breezy open terrace. Whether it's a hearty breakfast buffet or a late-night snack, Nutmegg is your go-to spot for a casual yet captivating dining experience.


GOOGLY Bar and Lounge: A Cricket Lover's Paradise


Step into GOOGLY Bar and Lounge at INFINITEA Centric, Dharamshala and immerse yourself in a cricket-themed haven. This unique restaurant, open from noon till 11 PM, brings together the thrill of the sport and the pleasure of gastronomy. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, it's the perfect venue to unwind with friends over a glass of your favourite drink, accompanied by an array of appetising dishes. Whether you're a cricket enthusiast or just seeking a fun, relaxed atmosphere, our bar in Dharamshala hits the sweet spot for an unforgettable dining experience.